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your Enemy rental Car

When does the Rental car becomes an Enemy?

What should you pay attention to when booking a holiday rental car? When is the best time to reserve a car? where are the traps waiting? To clarify this, it is worth taking a look back: When the main season, the summer holiday season, get Airport Limo Service & comes to an end, the complaints of the renters pile up. It can be very revealing. what is most annoying to car rental customers:

27 % of all complaints need to cover up unnecessary additional insurance on the part of the landlord. An insufficient condition of the car accounts for 22 percent of all complaints. 15 percent is accounted for by the “unfriendly staff at the car counter”. Long waiting times when picking up rental vehicles add up to 13 percent of all complaints.

“You should carefully consider whether you would spend 30 to 50 $ more in advance. when booking, and then have peace of mind and a good product when taking over the rental vehicles,” says SN Limo Service of the price as a matter of fact comparison for cheaper rental vehicles.

rental Car your Enemy

Beware of tank regulations and supplementary insurance

It happens again and again that travelers have to pay wasteful amounts for the first tank filling and possibly even service fees for refueling, for example due to the negative “full / empty” tank regulation on site. Often, there is still a relatively large amount of fuel left in the tank when the car is returned, because who will be able to drop off the vehicle “on the last drop”?

The “full / full” option is fairer and more sensible: you get a fully-fueled rental car and return it with full fuel. Attention: A refill by the owner can cost up to three times the normal petrol price.

Additional Insurance

Regarding the biggest in the first-place complaint aspect, the additional insurance, industry experts report that the employees of certain rental car workers (is often called Gold car) are obviously under huge pressure to generate additional business with insurance due to the cheap rental rates. “In high season, a Gold car counter force can earn more with insurance premium commissions than the marketing director,” it says.

The best time to make a reservation

But when is the best time in addition to reserve a rental car? Basically, there are no holdups, even in Boston, the car stronghold, there is always an enough number of rental vehicles, because the large companies deliver shiploads of cars from the mainland to the favorite island of the Americans.

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Prices in the US are relatively constant even during the holiday season. But regional prices around the Boston vary greatly from month to month. Since the low season is furthermore expressively longer than the main season, real clearance prices are even offered in the less required time. But especially on popular dates such as Easter, summer or autumn holidays, prices rise too.

Basic Rules for Rental Car :

Shortly before the chosen rental date, the prices will definitely no longer be cheaper. The best time to reserve a holiday car, says rental car expert SN Limo Service, is about three to four months before the travel date.

Rules are

  • Be Efficient
  • Check Fuel
  • Reserve before time
  • Maintain condition
  • Follow Boston Coach SOC
  • Observe Health car
  • Validate Car insurance
  • Car Service Near me

However, those who book much earlier run the risk that not all prices have been placed in the reservation systems. But that’s basically not a problem either. SN Limo Service advises travelers who have reserved their rental vehicles half a year or longer before the rental date to check the prices from time to time and possibly even get a limited-time offer and cancel the existing, old reservation. What free of charge up to 24 hours before the rental.

The best tips when booking for Rental Cars

Sufficient insurance protection: It is important to choose complete insurance protection from charge, fully complete and theft insurance when booking. The comparison portal advises against offers, “because insurance without a SB is usually only slightly more expensive, but there are no costs in the event of a claim”.

The charge insurance coverage should be at least one million $. Especially when renting for the USA, it is important to pay attention to this, because depending on the state, the legal minimum coverage is only $ 20,000. charge insurance is included in the offers of the providers. However, these are often also included in letters of protection, car insurance and credit cards. Many customers are not aware of this and take out insurance twice, while they do not need it.

The rental contract

As predictable as it sounds, read the lease carefully before signing it. Please ask carefully if you do not understand something. Some landlords note vehicle upgrades or other additional services such as a breakdown service in the contract. But without informing the renters about this. By signing the rental agreement, customers accept these services and pay extra.

If you are offered insurance, think carefully about whether you really need it or whether you have not already taken out such insurance, for example via the rental car provider in America. If an owner insists on insurance that you do not want, have it confirmed in writing that you would not have got the car without this insurance, so the advice from SN Limo Service.

Make a note of previous damage to the wagon:

If the wagon is very dirty when it is picked up or already has minor damage, recommends either requesting a different wagon or having all the damage or soiling noted in the contract. Pay attention to scratches, dents and glass damage. Check the tires / rims, the fuel level, the windscreen wiper system, the lights and the air conditioning. A manual should be in the car.

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With the tank rule “full / full”, you should fill up the car completely, keep the fuel receipt for safety even after your vacation and take a picture of the fuel gauge. Most rental companies charge high costs if they fill up the car themselves. If necessary, ask where the nearest petrol station is so that you know where to refuel before you drop off.

Find out where and when you should park the car when you return it. Some owners accept stays of up to 30 minutes, but are not thankful to do so. Have the good condition of the car confirmed in writing. If needed, you can also take photos.

Rental Car Insurance

There is also the option of taking out extra car charge insurance. It is often recommended for southern American countries or the United States, where the legal coverage is low. But you should also think carefully about this, because it is only useful for more frequent rentals. If you rarely rent a rental car, it is advisable to take an offer with a high or unlimited amount of cover, instead of taking out a “Boston Police”.

Fully insurance is absolutely necessary, it says at SN Limo Service “Pay attention to exactly what damage is covered. This is explained in detail in the terms and conditions of the separate owner. The following applies: Under body, oil pan and roof damage are never insured, damage to tires and glass only from a few workers.”

Car Tank regulation:

Specially in the southern holiday countries of America, many lessors only offer the tank rule “full / empty”. The customer has to buy the first tank filling from the owner, at the end he returns the car empty. Disadvantage: The remaining gasoline in the tank is given away by the renter.

With the “Flex Fuel” rule, the customer buys the first tank fill and receives the unused fuel back – but only for a service fee. Therefore, the tank regulation “full / full” is better, in which the car is returned with a full tank, says SN Limo Service. Alternatively, there is also a rule, specially in the USA, which includes the first tank filling.

Additional costs of Rental Car:

Through vehicle pick-up at the airport, one-way trips, additional drivers, young drivers, hotel delivery or accessories such as navigation devices and child seats, roof racks or winter tires, additional providers may incur different costs. Book these additional services in advance. Check whether the car you booked has a mileage limit and the cleaning costs are included.

A rental day always lasts 24 hours. When picking up the rental car at 10 a.m. and delivering it the next day at 12 p.m., customers must also pay the full day. That is why SN Limo Service recommends that you always book a rental vehicle at the hour when you actually need it and, if possible, choose a drop-off time about one hour earlier than pick-up.

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