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Things You Should Expect From Your Car Service

We are living in an era where we cannot imagine our life without cars! Cars are playing important role in our daily life. We should understand that maintaining a car is equally important as buying a car. Just like any other machinery, cars also need proper care to run smoothly. So, you need to get your car serviced at a proper time for avoiding expensive repair jobs later on.

Oh wait, are you assuming that MOT (Ministry of transport) test and car service are same? Well, it is not the case! You should keep in mind that MOT is a legal requirement and it is not designed to ensure that how well your car runs! MOT just ensures that vehicle on road is a satisfying minimum standard. Now, what is the process of car service?

“Dude, it is simple!

  1. You hand over your car to a mechanic or company that offers car service.
  2. Service takes approximately two to three hours.
  3. You pay and take your car back.
  4. Boom, done!”

Done? What is included in car service? “Hmm, service of a car.” Lol, no, it is not that simple! Which things you should expect from your car service? Which tasks should a basic service include? Most people don’t know it. They simply put their trust in mechanic or company and get fooled easily! Don’t become one of them. You invest your time and money so at least familiarize yourself with important service’s tasks. Don’t ignore, keep track of when your car service is due. It is a necessary part of maintaining your vehicle and keeping it safe. We will give you the idea of a range of tasks that are included in basic and full service. Let’s move on!

Basic/Minor Car Service

It is said that car needs basic (interim) service after every 6,000 miles or 6 months (whichever comes first). Well, here is the list of things you should expect from basic car service:

  1. Change Engine Oil
    Clean oil plays an important role in the engine’s life. Regular oil change helps the engine to run efficiently.
  2. Filter Change
    The oil filter helps to remove contaminants from your car engine’s oil. So, it is recommended to replace the oil filter with every oil change.
  3. Battery Check
    Battery supplies electric current to a vehicle. If the battery is not working properly, your car will not get a start. It is tested to make sure that it holds enough charge.
  4. Vital Parts
    Inspection and replacement of main components e.g. brake, spark plug, steering, bulb, gearbox oil, wiper blades is important to avoid any trouble in near future.
  5. Drive test
    At the end, the test drive is performed to ensure that nothing has been missed!

Full Car service

It is comprehensive and includes wider range checks than basic service, designed to be carried out every 12,000 miles or 12 months (whichever comes first). Full service includes all basic service work already described, an additional checklist is given below:

  1. Engine, filters, and battery
    • Drain engine oil and refill.
    • Replace oil filter.
    • Check engine diagnostic codes.
    • Replace air filter.
    • Replace fuel filter (Diesel vehicles).
    • Advise if cabin filter is required according to age/mileage recommendations.
    • Check battery condition.
    • Check battery wiring.
    • Check battery level and lubricate terminals.
    • Top up battery.
  2. Wheels, brakes and horn
    • Check wheel alignment, balancing and rim straightening.
    • Rotate road wheels to check for brake binding.
    • Replacement of wheels, if necessary.
    • Visual brake check.
    • Full brake inspection.
    • Handbrake operation checked and adjusted if necessary.
    • Brake fluid tested and replaced if necessary.
    • Check brake pipes & hoses for leaks or damage.
    • Check operations of brakes for noise.
    • Check horn.
  3. Steering, lights and mirrors
    • Check steering controls.
    • Check power steering fluid & top up (if required).
    • Check steering rack gaiters condition.
    • Grease steering.
    • Check operation of exterior lights.
    • Check interior lights.
    • Check dash warning lights.
    • Check brake lights.
    • Check the mirror’s operation.
  4. Drive test
    Just like basic car service, the road test is performed at the end to ensure that everything is working smoothly.

We have just provided you the list of things you should expect from basic and full car service. Kindly note that service package varies from a garage to garage. It is good to ask for detailed information and the associated cost in advance.

You have got enough knowledge about car service. When anyone will ask, “What is included in car service?” You can provide them the detailed information instead of simply replying “Umm, service of a car.” Lol!


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