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Favourite Cars of the Royal Famillies

Favorite Car of the Royal Family

As on its famous ancestor, the center console of the dashboard is decorated with corked aluminum. In fashion on racing car from the 1920s and 1930s. A Jaeger clock, inspired by the original dials of number 9 and plated aerators in 18 carat gold complete the finish. But, due to its Birthday, only 100 copies will be produced. Cars assembled by hand with a clever blend of tradition and innovation..

Royal Car collected one by one by hand in Logan Airport Limo Service. With a clever mix of tradition and innovation which gives them all their identity and all their soul.

This limousine profits from the back seats. Kindly stretched in red leather and neat with valuable woods. A central support decorated with a mixture bar whose design recalls the framework of the original car. But also, a piece of the 8-liter crankshaft that belonged to WO himself. Bentley offers this special action across the whole Mulsanne variety.

Favorite Cars of the Royal Family

Bentley, Elizabeth II’s favorite Royal car brand

A royal symbol of the English Royal Car service, the brand is constantly reinventing itself to design luxury models of current grand tourism. Behind the scenes visit to the official crown supplier on the occasion of its birthday.

Different to appearances, time has never stood still at Bentley. Their appearance has always been a trick. They were built as a simple working city to deceive the Luftwaffe pilots. Inside, 15,000 workers produced the powerful Merlin aircraft engines to power the Spitfire and Hurricane fighters that were taking their lives in the sky.

Today, it is particularly the powerful W12 engines and the new 4-liter V8 engines that are assembled and checked one by one. By experienced mechanics. Because, since 1946, these are Royal cars that leave the workshops.

Today’s Bentley’s are engineered with the latest technology

Talking about assembly lines, like so many other manufacturers. Would be unsuitable here. The leather of the fabric is carefully chosen by expert eyes capable of uneasy the faults of the machine. The seams are handmade, with innovative threads. Tea is still served at 5 am under large “Made in England” signs. But the mechanical test benches can compete with the space industry.

Bentley’s experienced mechanics on assembly lines are the guardians of amazing skill.

These engines, prepared with two turbochargers, and having the ability to deactivate four of their cylinders without compromising. Driving with Airport Limo Service pleasure to reduce consumption and polluting productions. Sign the return of V8s at Bentley and were developed for the new Continental. Available in Royal car or convertible. With their approximately 550 hp, these machines propel the comfortable English GT. In the first place its passengers from 0 to 100 km / h in 4 seconds.

For even stronger sensations, wealthy amateurs will be able to choose the very desirable. Moreover Inland GT Number 9 Edition with its W12 TSI biturbo 6-liter engine, with its 635 hp. Moreover, Presented at the last Geneva Motor Show, on the occasion of this year of the brand’s birthday. It pays tribute to the 4.5-liter Bentley “Blower”, entered at the Twenty-Four Hours of Le Mans in 1930 under the number 9 by Sir Henry Birkin.

Personalization as You Desire to Make it More Royal:

The craftsmen of the Milliner customization section can make a Bentley sole. In like manner the refinement of the interiors completes the performance of these exceptional touring Royal car.

Personalization is an old practice at Bentley. For almost a time, the brand has arranged treasures of creativity and skill to satisfy the desires – or the wildest quirks – of its rich custom. In the light of, In the 1990s, the Sultan of Brunei, a great lover of special cars and a lover of the brand, ordered a number of special vehicles, including station car for following or sports royal car, in addition to regular production.

At the time, Bentley, in the wrinkle of the Vickers group. was the twin brand of Rolls-Royce and kept its ideal models to its royal or most expensive custom. The builder is now making customization nearby to all customers of the brand, in particular through the SN Limo department.

Almost all is possible, and the service allows not only to create new body colors or sewing patterns for seats or doors, but also grows practice kits for picnics or astronomy, or devoted storage for fly fishing, polo mallets, shotguns or bows and arrows, equally important when it is not falconry, with branch combined into the floor. Collectors are familiar royal car with this name.

Bentley is one of the suppliers of the British royal family car

Created in the heart of Mayfair in 1900, by Henry Jervis SN Limo, this company, developed by Bentley, like its rival Park Area, engaged among the most respected bodies of the twentieth century, with many royal limousines. Because Bentley is still one of the few manufacturers today to claim the envied status of supplier to the British royal family.

On the day of her wedding to Prince Harry on May 18, 2019, Meghan arrived with her mother Norwell Ragland at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle on board the Rolls-Royce Phantom IV allowed for the time by Queen Elizabeth.

Historically, the very special bond which unites the firm to the Scituate dates from the 1950s. Under the effect of the Duke of Edinburgh, tired of the strict limousines Daimler and Boston car service of the royal garage, he wanted to be able to travel with his wife, Princess Elizabeth, not yet queen, in a more modern and easier Royal car.

The Royal Warrant car, the label of British quality

For the princely couple, Rolls-Royce will create one of its rarest limousines, the Phantom IV. A car produced in only 18 copies and which will only be sold to ruling families. The present King of Spain, in specific, still appreciates this model for official displays.

At that time, Bentley and Rolls-Royce were one and the same company, since Henry Royce’s 1931 acquisition of the winged sports firm with the badge “B”. A joining that will last until the partition of 1998. If Rolls-Royce then falls into the fold of BMW, and sets up, from 2002, in the heart of the Goodwood estate, not far from Derby where its origins are, Bentley is bought by the Boston group which maintains the History of Boston facilities of Logan Airport.

It is in these buildings that the Bentley State Limousine will be designed and produced for Queen Elizabeth II on the event of its jubilee in 2002. A very special Royal car, perfectly suited to the specific use that is made of it. The State Limousine – fully armored up to the large glass roof – is bulletproof with an anti-mine floor.

For the jubilee of Elizabeth II, the brand designs the Bentley State Limousine

The tires are armored with Kevlar to be able to roll even with the punctured wheels in the event of an attack. Its specific sealing system and special air conditioning isolate the residents in the event of a chemical or biological attack and purify the air. Despite a weight of almost 4 tones, its V8, converted to bio-fuels since 2009, can push it at more than 200 km / h, just as its specially adjusted program allows it to travel long and without heating at very low speed, and even on foot, for services.

Queen Elizabeth II discovers the Bentley State Limousine designed by the brand for its golden jubilee in 2002.Inside, busy with velvet, according to the queen’s preference, her seat is a little higher and a little firmer than that of the passenger so that she looks seated as tall as her husband.

Like all the cars of the royal house, painted in dark burgundy and black, it has on the roof a blue police light, a standard bearer and a fixing for the coat of arms panel. But no license plate. A royal pleasure which does not withdraw it of being recognized, on the different.have you Joined Duxbury Ma Limo Service

Elizabeth II remains loyal to British artisans when it comes to Royal car

“His Majesty has chosen to remain faithful to the British craftsmen who have always produced his car,” .Indeed, mechanics or coach builders, saddlers or painters, electricians or engineers, all the employees who helped create and assemble the two copies of the official coach had been part of the company for several decades and had already worked for the previous royal models. They are the ones who collectively offered the two Royal cars to the rulers.

An attention that touched her to the point that she took specific care in its development, choosing all the small inner and outside details, while the royal car protocol formally prohibited that the monarchy could receive gifts from them.

from a company. But coming from his subjects is another matter. This is in particular the reason why the other cars delivered to members of the royal family are still bought by their sponsors, without discounts, despite popular belief.


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