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Dangers Of Using Ride Sharing Apps

Ride-sharing apps

Ride-sharing apps are becoming popular day by day. As you know, there are two main reasons behind it. First, people find it convenient. Second, it is not much expensive like taxi or limo service. These two reasons are good enough for the majority of people. They are not willing to see another side of the picture! It is our observation that when new application launches, mostly people start using it without thinking about the cons! In fact, they don’t give a read to the terms and conditions page. They just accept it without reading! Well, we cannot deny above mentioned benefits but are you ready to listen to major dangers of ride-sharing apps?

Hyannis limo service
Hyannis limo service

Oh, if you know nothing about ride-sharing apps then read this brief description. Ride-sharing apps hire many independent contractors to become drivers. When any person makes a request for a ride, that ride is assigned to the nearest suitable driver. The app displays the driver route, estimated time and fare. Driver picks up the passenger from the given location. When ride completes, passenger pay their calculated fare and mostly rate their trip too!
Now, let’s start! You have made a request for a ride through Transportation network company (TNC) app. You have just checked the rating of a driver and you are waiting for him to arrive. Do you think that checking driver’s good rating is enough precautionary measure? No! You should also give importance to these safety and financial risks involved in ride-sharing apps.

Is Your Driver Professional?

Is having driver license enough? Does having driving license ensures that TNC’s driver has professional training too? These two are different things. The professional driver drives smoothly and they also know how to act in a challenging situation. If TNC’s driver is not professional then seriously your health and wealth are at risk.

What Is Their Insurance Policy?

We bet that many of the ride-sharing app users have never thought about it. Do you even understand that what it means? Let us explain, what if the driver gets into an accident and you get injured? Is the driver’s insurance company or ride-sharing service is ready to pay your bills? Are you aware of their insurance policy? If no then that so-called “affordable ride” might turn into your financial breakdown.

Even it is not guaranteed that taking the driver to court will help you. Why? Maybe ride-sharing service had clearly mentioned on terms and condition page that “if the accident occurs, a passenger will not be covered by the insurance of car driver or ride-sharing service.” In this case, you will be in extreme trouble. You should know in advance that what type of bills you have to pay in case of the incident. Be careful!

What About Your Personal Safety?

We know that ride-sharing apps keep tracks of their passenger’s rides. At the same time, you cannot deny this fact that careful screening cannot predict the future. There are hundreds of news about the dangerous acts of TNC’s drivers. At this point, drivers are also at risk. They don’t know which type of passenger is getting into their car. So, we can say that the personal safety of both, drivers and passengers are at stake. Don’t assume that screening guarantees that your ride will be safe! If it can happen to other people, who ensures that we will remain safe?

Closing Thoughts

We have tried to give you awareness about dangers of using a ride-sharing app. Just keep these things in mind before booking your ride next time. Try your best to take every precautionary measure. Stay safe!


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