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all you need to know about coronavirus when you traveling

Information about Corona virus Covid-19 while You Traveling

Information about Corona virus Covid-19 while You Traveling

In order to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 widespread, simple protective measures must be taken for your health. The number of proven cases of corona virus in America is constantly increasing. The concern grows and the Americans tend to rush to pharmacies to equip themselves with respiratory masks and hydroalcoholic solutions, which leads to shortages, known for the former and potential for the latter. What are the good reflexes to protect yourself from the virus? SN Limo Service talks about protective measures against the virus Logan Airport Limo Service. Faced with the corona virus widespread, this is a chance to recall the various prevention measures, the most effective way to protect yourself from the virus according to experts. “If these barrier measures are well done, this is what works best against the virus,”

Closures of public institutions from Corona virus

Following the speech of the President of the Republic this Thursday, March 12, in application of the recommendations and recommendations at the national level of corona virus and in addition to the closure of schools and nurseries, are closed until further notice.

All closures of public institutions are to be ended due to the spread of deadly virus while traveling with Airport Limo Service and all necessary measures must be taken to prevent the virus from spreading.

Recommendations for elections during corona virus

In request of the Ministry of the Interior, here are some recommendations for the smooth running of the elections:

Hydroalcoholic gel will be made available to you at the voting machine and at the exit of your polling station. Please wash your hands before using the machine and after getting started. Likewise, a supply of soap and paper will be made at the sanitary level.

Also, regular cleaning of machines and tables will be done by members of the polling station.

A specific preparation is put in place to limit overloading between voters but also with members of the polling station. Please respect the markings on the ground (spacing of one meter in the lines, area of ​​one meter around the tables) and the directions of entry and exit specified and separated by barriers.

Along with, in order to avoid long lines, we invite you if you can, to come and vote during off-topmost hours (9 am to 11 am and 1 pm to 4 pm).

In order to avoid too much management, we invite you to bring your own BLACK colored pen (permanent ink) for signing up. Likewise, voting maps and identity papers will be visually checked, except in special cases.

And so black pens will be available in case you forget, but will have to be cleaned each time you vote by Duxbury Ma Limo Service.

Reliability of communication

In the case of a patient called “suspect”:

It is directed to a “Covid-19″(Corona virus) formation known by the ARS (Regional Health Agency). Samples will be taken there to create a Covid-19 biological analysis by a laboratory identified by the ARS.

If he/she is “confirmed”, conditional on his condition, he/she is hospitalized in an adapted unit or limited to his/her home for at least 14 days. In this case, immediate information is made to the attending physician. A report to the ARS as well as to the regional cell of Public Health America Only the Ministry of Solidarity and Health communicates on the announcement of confirmed cases, deaths, patients cured and only cases classified as “confirmed” will be the subject of a communication. The Ministry of Solidarity and Health does not communicate in National Limousine Association on possible or suspicious cases. However, it provides real-time reporting to the media and local authorities of all confirmed cases.

Some simple gestures

The virus does not circulate on its own, it is humans who carry the virus, so the following measures are common sense measures:

  • Wash your hands very regularly
  • Cough or sneeze in his elbow
  • Greet without shaking hands, avoid kissing
  • Use single-use tissues
  • Wear a mask when you are sick

If you come back from a risk zone of corona virus

Within 14 days of returning from a risk area:

  • Monitor your temperature twice a day
  • Watch for symptoms of respiratory infection (cough, difficulty breathing, etc.)
  • Wear a surgical mask in the presence of your support and outside the home
  • Wash your hands regularly or use a hydro-alcoholic solution
  • Avoid contact with weak people (pregnant women, the chronically ill, the elderly, etc.)
  • Avoid visiting places where there are delicate people (hospitals, maternity hospitals, housing institutions for the elderly, etc.)
  • Reduce non-energetic activities (cinema, restaurant, parties …)
  • In the event of signs of breathing infection (fever or feeling of fever, cough, difficulty breathing) within 14 days of returning from an area where the virus is circulating:
    • Contact the Appropriate Center 15 reporting your symptoms and your recent stay
    • Avoid contact with those around you and keep your mask
    • Do not go to your doctor or the emergency room, to avoid any possible contamination

Useful numbers


Please note, the telephone stage is not allowed to provide medical advice if you show signs of breathing infection (corona virus) within 14 days of your return from China (Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao), Singapore, South Korea , Iran or the regions of Lombardy and Veneto in Italy, you must contact 15.

I live abroad, who to call? The Embassy and Consulate of your place of residence is at your disposal to answer all your questions. The ministry also regularly updates its travel advisory site.


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