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Boston Airport Transport

Boston Airport Transportation

Here you can find out how to get anywhere from all Boston Airport in the best, fastest and cheapest way. From subway, taxi and shuttle bus to private transfers, we have tested all options and are happy to help you plan how best to get from the Boston Airport Transportation to anywhere in Massachusetts.

The fastest means of transport is not always the most convenient, or the cheapest way is the best. Changes, a lot of luggage and unplanned closures can quickly become a test of nerves after a long flight in a metropolis like Boston. So, that you can only enjoy your time in Boston to the fullest from the start, we have all the important transfer options from the Boston Airport Limo Service to the city for you.

If your accommodation is not in Boston, we also have extra items for airport transfers to Norwell and Cape Cod Car Service. If you are traveling with children, you will also, find tips on Boston airport transport with children here.

Boston Airport Transportation

From Boston Airport Transportation to City

Logan Airport is the largest airport in Boston, which is why most of you will land at LOGAN AIRPORT. The airport is very well connected to the traffic so, you can choose your best transfer completely freely.

To find the best airport transfer from LOGAN AIRPORT to Boston for you also, you only have to decide what is most important to you: price, duration or comfort?

With the private transfer you also have to differentiate whether you are going to the hotel or an apartment / Airbnb / etc. want.

Transfer TO / From LOGAN AIRPORT

From Logan Airport you have the option to come to your hotel by subway, bus, UBER or Yellow Cab and by private transfer. If you want something a little more luxurious, you can also choose a limousine or even so, a helicopter flight. Anything is possible in Boston!

Here, You have all the options like transferring to a hotel – only one option has changed. A distinction is made between hotel and apartment for private transfers! Please take this into account when booking the right Boston Airport Transportation. You simply have to select “Transport to the apartment” on the booking page, depending on the type of accommodation you have booked.

Transfer with Amtrack Train and Subway from Boston :

The subway is definitely the cheapest Boston Airport Transportation from the LOGAN AIRPORT.

Price: $ 7.75 Air Train + $ 3 metro per person

Duration: 65 minutes

To get to the subway from the Boston airport transportation so, you must first take the Air Train. This train connects the airport terminals to the Howard Beach A and Jamaica EJZ subway stations.

Simply get into the LOGAN AIRPORT Air Train at the airport. You only pay the $ 7.75 travel costs at the station when you get off. Travel to Jamaica Station if your accommodation is in Midtown or northern Boston, Queens or the Bronx. Choose Howard Beach if you want to go to southern Boston, Greenwich Village, Chinatown, SoHo or Brooklyn. The journey from both stations then takes just under an hour.


Now you go to the machine, pay for your trip with the Air Train and buy a normal metro ticket. A one-way ticket costs $ 3. From Jamaica you can now take the E to Midtown or the J Z to Lower Boston, where you can change again if necessary. From Howard Beach you take line A to Lower Boston.

Alternatively, you can take the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) to Penn Station from the Jamaica station. With this train you are twice as fast as with the metro, but a ticket costs between $ 7 – $ 9.50 depending on the time of day.

Alternatively, you can take the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) to Penn Station from the Jamaica station. With this train you are twice as fast as with the metro, but a ticket costs between $ 7 – $ 9.50 depending on the time of day.


Price: $ 15 per person

Duration: 75 minutes

The Boston Airport Transportation Service Bus runs regularly between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. between Logan Airport and Boston. There he stops in the city center at Grand Central Station, the Port Authority Bus Terminal, Penn Station and Bryant Park. From there you can then take the subway or a taxi.

The advantage with the bus is that you do not have to change trains and get to the city center relatively cheaply. But bus driving is of course dependent on traffic. The bus tickets cost around $ 15 and you can reserve them online in advance.

By taxi or Uber To/ From BOSTON LOGAN AIRPORT

The yellow taxis are waiting in front of the airport and provide a first Boston airport transportation feeling.

Price: $ 65 per taxi

Duration: 70 minutes

The so called yellow cabs are one of the easiest ways to get directly from the LOGAN AIRPORT to the hotel in Boston.

The yellow taxis have a fixed price of $ 52.80 each way plus toll and between 4 and 8 p.m. plus a rush hour surcharge of $ 4.50. A taxi ride from LOGAN AIRPORT to central Boston costs around $ 65 one way. If you are traveling with several people, it can also be worth the price.

Instead of the yellow taxis, you can also take a cheaper Uber.

Price: $ 60 per uber

Duration: 70 minutes

All you need is the Uber app and internet access. As soon as you are ready, you can order an Uber and get in at the pick up station in front of the airport. We find Uber mostly more pleasant and, above all, cheaper than the normal yellow cabs therefore, a clear recommendation.

With Super Shuttle from LOGAN AIRPORT

If a taxi is too expensive for you and you don’t want to take the metro or bus also, a shared shuttle could be the right choice.

Price: $ 20 per person

Duration: 120 minutes

With the transfer with shuttle you will be driven with 6 – 8 people directly from the airport to your accommodation. This is relaxed and fair in price. However, you may be unlucky and the accommodations of the other passengers are controlled first. Then the journey can take a long time.

The most famous shuttle service at the Boston airport transportation is Super Shuttle, which we have had good experiences with. You can’t miss the blue cars with the yellow letters. Since the provider also has some bad reviews, we link you to Go Shuttle as an alternative.

Private Economy shuttle from Providence AIRPORT:

If you want to get from the airport directly to your accommodation as relaxed and fast as possible, private shuttles are great.

Price: from $ 127 each way

Duration: 70 minutes

Depending on your number of travelers, you can choose from several vehicle types: transfer with a sedan for up to three people or a minivan for up to five passengers. The price is then per vehicle. The larger your group, the cheaper the private transfer will be. You have to book the private transfer in advance, then you will be expected at the airport by your driver with a name tag and brought to the vehicle.

The private Airport Transportation is a great option especially, for families!

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